Fun Places Publishing

“My own book of Susan’s Fun Places to go With Kids is only kept together by tape. My friends and relatives are constantly asking to borrow what I think is the best tour book in Southern California. Not only does it provide a complete guide to all that Southern California has to offer, but also provides her personal views, which are invaluable when planning time with the family.”

Donna Baker

Producer of Parenting Rollercoaster and Cul-de-Sac Chronicles

“I have to tell you. I’ve raved and raved about my new book to everyone who would listen. I am a ‘bargain hunting’ (OK, cheap) Mom of 3, (one income, private school). I pride myself on finding “fun places” ( that is cheap, fun and educational places, LOL!), but was AMAZED by your book. I have lived in So. Cal for 30 years and never heard of half the places mentioned in your book! . . . My book will also be passed on to Grandma who thinks it sounds perfect for her senior club!”

Corby Wagner


“It’s 10:30 and I’ve already had five telephone calls from leaders thanking me for inviting you to the meeting last night, praising your fun-filled presentation, pleasant personality, great ideas, . . . Believe me, Susan, I have never looked so good. It’s just not that easy to impress or entertain the “been there, done that” woman in Irvine. . . You may be sure that you have substantially improved the quality of Girl Scout field trips in Irvine so I feel confident that I can offer you the appreciation of the 1600 girls affected.”

Mary Pearlman

Membership Development Director for Girl Scouts, Orange County

“Grab this fabulous, easy-to-use guide when the kids are driving you crazy! You’ll find more than museums and parks listed here. If you aren’t sure where you want to go or what you’d like to do, the funny and original categories—categories like “edible adventures”—guide you to places you’d never come up with on your own. For example, who’d think to tour a CHEESE company? But when you read this book’s description of the Winchester Cheese Company—how very cool—let’s go! Great driving directions, very detailed descriptions and up-to-date prices.”

April Halprin Wayland

Author and Storyteller (

“Over 20 copies of Fun and Educational Places to go With Kids are continually checked out in the Orange County Public Library System; we can’t keep them on the shelves! Children’s librarians feel confident referring parents to this title. It’s perfect for planning local inexpensive family outings.”

Elke Faraci

Senior Administrative Librarian - Orange County Public Library System

“As a travel industry professional, I find Susan Peterson’s book to be my #1 reference when designing group tours & outings for families in Southern California. Her easy-to-use guide, with its complete listing of activities by location, cost and age range, allows me to tailor every outing to meet each client’s particular needs. Because she’s an experienced mother of three I know I can trust her judgment, and that’s why Pack the Kids will always pack her guide!”

Daniel McCollum

Director of Operations Pack the Kids Family Tour Adventures